The Owl Mountains are one of the oldest ranges in Europe. Well-developed and covered by a dense network of hiking trails.

The Owl Mountains (Polish: Góry Sowie; German: Eulengebirge; Czech: Soví hory) is a mountain range in the Central Sudetes in south-west Poland. They run between the historic Lower Silesian region and Klodzko Land.

The range includes a protected area called Owl Mountains Landscape Park. Built into the mountains is a secret  network of underground tunnels called the complexes “Riese” (“Giant“, Polish Olbrzym) - They were constructed during World War II. You can visit three of them: Osówka, Walim, WlodarzThe Owl Mountains–  of which the highest peak is – Mt Wielka Sowa (Mt Great Owl) (1015 m) is in the Central Sudetes. Other peaks are: Mt Mala Sowa (Mt Little Owl) (972 m), Mt Kalenica (964 m), Mt Kozia Równia (913 m), Mt Sloneczna (960 m) and Mt Grabina (943 m). Mt Wielka Sowa (1015 m) -

Attractive viewpoints with view towers: Góra Parkowa (steel tower, built in 1925), Góra Wszystkich Swietych (stone tower, built in 1913), Mt Kalenica (steel tower, built in 1932). “Lisie Skaly” (“Fox Rocks”). Group of valuable gneissic rocks on the western slope of Mt Grabina at an altitude of 890m. The Walimska Pass (750 m).

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