What these artists have achieved is truly spectacular. The attention to detail is unbelievable. Even a pigeon on a window sill. 

”Keep smiling because we have built your dreamland”!  This is the motto of The Lower Silesia Monument’s Miniatures Park which is situated in Kowary 15 km from Jelenia Góra, near the Polish-Czech border. Visitors to the Park are given the unique opportunity to become familiar with great landmarks such as the palaces, mansions, churches and ancient city centres of Lower Silesia reproduced precisely in 1:25 scale.

In the park you will see among 40 miniatures: The Minor Basilica in Krzeszów, The wang Church, Royal Palace of Frederick William III of Prussia, The Orthodox Chapel in Sokolowsko and The Twelve Apostles. All models displayed in the Park were hand-built in the park’s workshop. All the time new models are being constructed. Craftsmen use various materials. These are the newest plastics, metals such as copper and steel, as well as natural stone, mostly sandstone. The models are finished off accurately reproducing the colour and structure of walls and details to show the real look of the original object. Using the best quality tools with great effort and precision we construct these small wonders of architecture. The perfection of models built in our workshop was appreciated by many specialists who visit the park to discover how they were made.

the miniature theme park