The village of Plawna Dolna is 8 km from beginning to end. Further reasons to visit this attractive little hamlet include the Church of Saint Thecla, a Calvary, a penitential cross, wayside shrines and a lime kiln.

It's quaint nooks and crannies are also a hypnotic draw for artists. The castle is unique for it's representation of the history of the region (along with the legend of the Mountain Spirit) using life sized wooden dolls animated by actors. A tour around the castle takes about 30 minutes and after the spectacle each visitor can actually touch the dolls and, for a moment, be an actor-animator.

Other attractions provided in the castle include an art studio, a ceramics studio and an artistic blacksmithing and metal forging studio. There, under the guidance of experienced artists, visitors may try their hand at artistic professions. The castle also organizes drama workshops, where one may learn how to act using large masks, or prepare a puppet spectacle. The Castle of Silesian Legends is not the only interesting site created by artists, for one may also visit a Piast stronghold, where history and legend intertwine. Here is where you can become a knight, a squire, or a townsman. Where you may shoot a bow, climb a fortified tower or stand eye to eye with a medieval field marshal. Finally, you may also literally visit the biggest head of the Mountain Spirit in the world, for it may be entered and explored.

the castle of silesian legends