Beer has been brewed in Lwówek Slaski since 1209 and to this day it is made in accordance with a traditional recipe and is regarded as one of the tastiest beers in Poland

Browar Lwówek  1209 - one of the oldest brewerys in the world - The history of brewing in Lwowek Slaski reaches back to the Middle Ages. The earliest mention of the Lwowek brewers’ guild in the city comes from a record in the Book of the City of Wroclaw in the year 1209.

The signature beer is Lwówek Prince - a clear lager,  fermented in open vats. The beer contains 12.1% alcohol extract and 5.5% by volume. This is a beer with a golden-straw color. It has a delicate aroma and a pleasant flavour of hops. An exemplary beer with a slight bitterness. Lwówek Prince is unpasteurized.

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