Situated in the Izera Mountains, Swieradow-Zdrój has long been a spa famous for its healing mineral waters, unpolluted air and pleasant scenery.

Nowadays visitors who arrive seeking to improve their health can take advantage of the modern medical facilities. Apart from being a spa, Swieradów is a tourist and holiday centre, visited particularly by people interested in winter sports as it offers marvellous conditions for skiing. Additionally, in both the town and its surroundings there are opportunities for visitors to enjoy an array of walking and biking routes.

In the heart of Swieradów-Zdrój, within the surroundings of the Spa Park, is a magnificent historic Spa House with an 80-m-long walking hall where you can taste the mineral waters. The Spa House, crowned by a clock tower some 45 m in height, also houses a spa hospital. Swieradów boasts beautiful architecture preserved from the period of its greatest prosperity, the 18th and mid-19th centuries. The town enjoys a unique location on the border of the Karkonoski National Park, offering wonderful vistas of the mountainous, forested area. You will find an abundance of hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing trails all around the town. The main Sudety red trail starts in Swieradów-Zdrój, a trail that is also named after the promoter of tourism in the Sudety, Dr Mieczyslaw Orlowicz (his memorial is to be seen in the town).

Different kinds of attractions await those who come to Swieradów in June for the International Rally of Antique Vehicles. With a parade and a race between vintage cars as well as concerts and cabaret shows; Later the town becomes a music centre of international significance, with the European Meetings of Young Musicians “Eurounionorchestras” taking place annually in August.