Normally held over the second weekend in June the Lwóweckie Summer Agate festival is an outdoor event  whose main component is the international exchange of minerals. It is believed to be the largest mineralogical event in Poland.

- More than 200 booths with over 60 presenting only minerals and fossils,
- Several thematic exhibitions and collections plus a variety of demonstrations of cutting and polishing precious stones and gold panning.

The event has a family picnic and recreational area with street entertainers.

In 2004, the event won the Polish Tourist Organisation competition for the best tourist attraction. Lwóweckie Summer Agate POT has been certified as one of the top tourist events in the country.

In 2006, the LLA was honored with the Lower Silesian Key to Success in the category of best cultural initiative of Lower Silesia.

In March 2008, the LLA received a certificate from the Lower Silesian Tourist Organisation for the most interesting tourist attraction in Lower Silesia.

agate festival in Lwowek