The range stretches from eastern Germany along the northern border of the Czech Republic to south-western Poland.

The highest peak at 1,602 metres (5,256 ft) is Sniezka in the Karkonosze mountains on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. Historians believe the name Sudety to be Celtic in origin. The word “Sudeta” has a core “sud” meaning wild boar, and the suffix “-eta ‘meaning forest. On the Sudetes foothills is Sleza Mountain. The  Karkonosze Mountains are on the Western Sudetes. In the Central Sudetes you will find Owl and Table Mountains.

The 300km mountain ranges run between the Moravian Gate in the southeast and the Elbe Valley in the northeast. The Sudety mountain ranges are known for their wonderful landscapes and the distinct character of each range that makes this a tourist delight. The Karakonosze and the renowned Stolowe ranges have bizarre rock forms, which are a unique sight. 

In direct contrast to this is the gentle, lush greenery of the Gory Orlickie and the Gory Bialskie. Hiking is a pleasure in the Sudety Mountains. If you are interested in short hikes to enjoy the landscape, you should take the Rudawy Janowickie, Gory Kaczawskie or the Gory Bardzkie trails. For more serious hikers, Gory Izerskie, Mt.Sneiznik, Gory Zlote, and Gory Bystrzyckie are more suitable.