Strzecha Akademicka Shelter is believed the oldest shelter in the Karkonosze Mountains

Strzecha Akademicka is located in the Giant Mountains National Park, on one of the routes leading from Karpacz to Snow White. Located 1258 meters above sea level, between the Cauldron of Small Pond and White Jar, about 10 minutes away from another shelter - Samotnia. It is believed to be the oldest cottage in the Giant Mountains.

From 1696 to 1824 the shelter kept a commemorative book, and hence we know that in September 1790 year, Hampl Goethe spent the night here and admired the mandatory morning sunrise. 
in 1896 in place of the wooden shack a new larger building was constructed which burned down on the 1st April 1906. As early as 8 September of the same year a newly constructed mountain hotel opened  that was expanded in 1912 to a form maintained to this day.

strzecha akademicka