Visit the magical mountain of Sleza. The Mount Olympus of Middle Europe. This mysterious region has been a holy place for as long as this land has been inhabited (over 6 thousand years).

Still thought of by many as Holy Mountain, Sleza was a place of worship frequented by Celts until the advent of Christianity although there are those who still believe the peak is the source of mysterious powers. The 6,000 year old stone carvings dotted among the trees add to the atmosphere of past pagan worship.

Near its summit in the early light of dawn or in the sunshine of a summers day the most esoteric things, including the Northern Lights, have been seen. For Sleza is where the holy men of the Celts made their connection with the Sun God.

For those who wish to spend more time in this magical place there is a shelter where a meal or bed for the night is available.

sleza mt.