In the central part of the Sudety syncline are the only Polish sandstone table mountains formed in a plate structure.

Their largest concentration can be observed on the bulwarks of the highest part of the Mountains. Mainly on Szczeliniec Wielki (191 meters)and in Bledne Skaly (850 meters), which have been a nature preserve since 1957. Very unique is the  Skalne Grzyby formation (Skaine Grzyby is Polish for "Stoney mushrooms"– there is also a large concentration of island mountains ranging along the lower part of the range.

Szczeliniec Wielki (919 m) - the highest peak of the Table Mountains is an exceptional tourist attraction in Poland. It is the remains of the highest level of the Table Mountains, where erosion sculptured magnificent rock forms. The most famous are: “Hen”, “Mammoth” (also called “Ape Man”) ,”Camel”, “Princess Emilka’s Head”, “Elephant”, “Pulpit”. A very interesting part of Szczeliniec Wielki is the so called “Little Hell”. It is a crevice 100 meters long and about 20 meters deep with specific microclimate characteristics of low temperature and high air humidity. Because of the climatic conditions there is snow on the bottom of the crevice until mid June. There are 680 stairs made of stone leading to the top of Szczeliniec. They were built between the 18th and 19th century by Franciszek Pabel and after some alterations they have served until today. Szczeliniec Maly on the south-east of Szczeliniec Wielki, separated by a not very deep mountain pass is not accessable to visitors.

Skalne Grzyby - they are situated in the northern area of the Table Mountains between Batorow and Karlow. It is a group of uniquely created rock forms shaped like huge mushrooms on a territory 2 km long and at the altitude of about 680 - 700 meters. Several of the rock formations have been given names. For example: “Boletus”, “Rock Gates”, “Blended Mushrooms”, “Penguins”, “Multi-storey Mushrooms”

Bledne Skaly - a conservation area of 22 hectares named Errant Rocks. It contains a group of unusual rock forms about 6 - 11 meters high, created from eroded sandstone. Errant Rocks is a labyrinth of crevices and recesses, sometimes very narrow, separating several meters high rock blocks.

Once it was a very well guarded customs point between Klodzko County and the Czech Kingdom. There are many dates on the boulder which, as the legend says, were engraved to commemorate the capture of smugglers. The oldest being from 1616. On Errant Rocks there is an observation platform called “Rock Bowls”. From there we can see both Szczeliniec Wielki and Maly, Broumovska Vrchovina, the town Machov, and when there is good visibility, we can also see the Karkonosze!

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