The village of Ploczki Gorne is believed to be the second oldest recorded village in Poland (c1346)and still retains many "Bohemian" half-timbered farm houses which date back 200-300 years. On the slopes of the surrounding hills are deposits of agate which are considered by many to be the most beautiful in Europe.

Plóczki Górne is the perfect starting point from which you can explore the natural beauty of the mountains, the mysteries of Walloon settlers, visit old castles, places where uranium for the first Soviet atomic bomb was mined or, as many insist, treasures of the Third Reich still lie hidden. It is also an attractive location for hiking, cycling, angling, bird and wild-game watching and winter sports. Excellent ski slopes are available a short drive away. The secluded valley is also a comfortable drive away from Berlin, Prague and Wroclaw which makes it a uniquely tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life within easy access of the "bright lights" for those who feel the need. 

The Green Jajo Hotel is operated by a wife-and-husband team of experienced extreme travellers who had roamed quite a few deserts in Africa in their beloved Land Rovers Defender before they became infatuated with the cosy green valley of Plóczki Górne village and decided to settle there.

Chester the camel - is the largest pet in Plóczki Górne. He is a bactrian camel. Everybody in the village calls him Czesiek (Chester). He was born in the Gobi Desert but he has lived in Lover Silesia for 12 years.  He loves people and posing for photos.

VIDEO - Ploczki Gorne from the air.
This is a video taken by Kamil, after learning to fly a powered glider by reading instructions on the internet.
Amazingly Kamil is alive and well.

Ploczki Gorne