From a 1 hour off road scenic tour to an overland experience from Poland to Morocco you need to call us.

We have resident Land Rovers - only fully specified off road Defenders - waiting for you. Come and see Poland off road.

The owners of Pod Zielonym Jajem Hotel are Land Rover enthusiasts who have travelled extensively on overland tours  throughout Europe and Africa. These travels are reflected in the Polish cuisine with a hint of Africa. You can relax in our tavern with a pint of delicious unpasteurized beer from the oldest brewery in Poland in Lwówek Slaski. Guests can take off-road Land Rovers on a professional off-road track within land belonging to the hotel (over 12 hectares including a ravine.) In and around Plóczki Górne we will take groups in two or more Land Rover Defenders to visit archeological sites and historic monuments. Local trips range from 1 hour to all day excursions. 

Cost guide - 1.5 hour tour in a Land Rover with elements of off-road . Depending on the route and the number of participants from £20 per person.

off road by Land Rover