Lwówek Slaski belongs to the group of the oldest towns in Lower  Silesia. 

The oldest brewery in Europe is in Lwowek. It was founded in 1209 and recently came into private ownership and will soon again commence the brewing of the famous (and delicious) unpasteurized brew known as beer Lwóweckie Princes. The beers brewed in Lwówek have won many awards. Next to the brewery, a Lower Silesian brewing museum has been opened.

Lwówek Agate Summer Festival is the largest Mineral Marketplace in this part of Europe, and is the most important event held in the town. It takes place every year in July. Exhibitors from all around the world present their minerals. The name agate is possibly derived from the river Achates (nowadays Dirillo) in Sicily or from the word “Aqiq” (the name of the oasis in Medyna where in the old days it was excavated) It could also perhaps come from the from greek word “agathos” which simply means good.