The first settlements in the area date back to prehistory. Celtic and German tribes lived in the valleys up until the 5th century.

Later came the Lusatian Sorbs. In the 14th century, German-speaking colonists arrived and began clearing the dense primeval forests and permanent settlements were established. In the 16th century, several glass works were founded. Glassmaking had a profound effect on the ecosystem.

The primeval forest was gradually replaced by a fast-growing spruce monoculture. Other important industries included tin-mining, metallurgy and textiles. The Tabulový kámen (German: Tafelstein), 1072 m) on the northern edge of the Smrk Mountain marked the boundary between the properties of the Counts of Gallas in Friedland, Bohemia, the von Gersdorff family from Meffersdorf, Upper Lusatia, and the Counts of Schaffgotsch from Schreiberhau, Silesia.

Beautiful hills, valleys, rivers and hiking trails with well organized tourism and recreational infrastructure plus skiing in the winter. The best skiing conditions prevail from December to late March. There are many ski resorts in the area at Szklarska  Poreba,Swieradow-Zdroj, KarpaczŠpindlerov Mlyn, Harrachov, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Pec pod Snežkou, Czerna Hora, Liberec and many others.

Gory Izerskie