Trail ride in the Lower Silesian Wilderness

You will discover many riding stables in Lower Silesia but there is only one in Poland that has Icelandic horses

Punktur is a very active equestrian centre close to Lwówek Slaski.

The owners have worked with Icelandic horses for over 35 years and they know everything about them. They breed Icelandic horses that are friendly and have a great temperament. The horses grow up in natural herds in large hilly pastures. This creates in them attitudes that will last a lifetime. Greater social skills, more co-ordination and good muscle condition. At Punktur there are lessons for both beginners and advanced riders. Naturally, the emphasis lies on a light way of riding, a good seat and the Icelandic gaits. For your development, we may decide that you will ride a large variety of different horses. This can be very instructive.

Close to the Green Jajo Hotel is another horse stable in Radomice. Between May and November they organise long distance trail rides for groups of 2 to 6 people.Each trek is organised individually. Leaders will decide the course and the mileage of the trail according to the customers’ requirements. Some riders prefer to spend their nights in high standard pensions whilst others would rather sleep on a blanket under a tree. The stable is situated in the ranges of the Giant Mountains, Kaczawa Mountains, Izera Mountains and Rudawy Janowickie. These places are rarely visited by tourists which makes it a perfect place for us to live and organise horse trail riding. If you want to get a better feeling of how one of our trail rides will suit you please visit our trail ride chronicle on our website.

horses in Lower Silesia