Every year, in late August, in the small town of Boleslawiec, located in the Lower Silesia region of Poland, about 120 km west of Wroclaw, a Polish Pottery Festival transforms this town with live shows and beautiful crafts celebrating the most famous ceramics in Lower Silesia.

Hand made pottery from Boleslawiec

The tradition of making pottery in the region of Boleslawiec goes back hundreds of years. Today, white clay is chosen carefully and baked in high temperature kilns. As a result, you get unique pottery, which is flame proof, can be used in microwaves, dishwashers, ovens and even on the hob and looks great in your dining room. Pottery from Boleslawiec is also ecologically safe, because lead free enamel is used for the decoration. Most patterns are detailed, geometric and floral designs. Each piece is completely unique. All are hand made and worthy of the description "a collector’s item."

This popular summer festival in Poland, offers unforgettable and entertaining events: parades, shows, culinary presentations, and street performances. Ceramic goods are presented at the marketplace for sale, and the streets are filled with booths where you can buy regional products, sculptures, and so on.

Pottery everywhere!

Communication with vendors is also not a problem – most of them speak English very well.

You can also visit the pottery museum, and pottery factories (where you can paint your own piece of pottery during a hands-on workshop),

gliniada parade in Boleslawiec