Czocha Castle is wonderfully located on the bank of Lesnianskie Lake, near the picturesque town of Lesna.

The Castle was erected in the second half of the 13th century for the Czech King Vaclav II as a stronghold to defend the northern border. In 1346, Bolko II of Poland acquired the Duchy of Jawor, along with Czocha. Later, in 1368, the duchy and the castle were returned to the Czech kingdom. In 1793 a huge fire laid waste to the building, sending its wonders and rich collections, up in flames.

One of the castles main attractions is, without a doubt, the Renaissance well dubbed “The Well of the Unfaithful Wives” by an owner. There are also the two-storey high Knight’s Hall, the Late-Gothic ducal chamber with canopy bed and the marble fire place in the entrance hall. Other curiosities include one of the entry-ways to the basement, the battlements and the tower. During a stay in the summer, visitors can take part in water sports on the lake, walk along paths leading to the Kwisa River estuary, or take advantage of the regions numerous bike paths to visit the ruins of other nearby castles including Rajsko, Swiecie and Gryf. The distinctive atmosphere of Czocha has led to it's frequent use as the backdrop for numerous Polish film productions. Guests staying here may run into the ghost of the “White Lady”, as she walks the castle walls at night. She was the beautiful and unhappy wife of a former owner.

A knight’s tournament is organised in the second half of August.

czocha castle