The Mountain Schools in Szklarska Poreba and Karpacz have a professional rope climbing park located at the Raven Rocks. 

The school is staffed by experienced instructors and provides courses for mountain rescue teams, Sudetes Guides, Ski Instructors, Military Classic Rescue Instructors and Emergency Medicine Trainers. This picturesque resort is located in the mountains on the national road leading from Szklarska Poreba to the border crossing in Jakuszyce.

You can also visit the Rudawy Janowickie & Sokole Mountains. The range - Rudawy Janowickie - boasts the two peaks  of Krzyzna Góra and Sokolik which offer excellent rock climbing conditions and extremely inexpensive accommodation in agrotourism farms or the Climbing Educational Center. It is a place where the best Polish professionals learned their climbing skills-some of whom went on to conquer Everest. (Ms.Wanda Rutkiewicz - first Polish and European woman on Everest in 1978; Krzysztof Wielicki -conqueror of all fourteen 8000m-peaks.)

An interesting area for climbers is in the Jelenia Góra Valley. This is a range of sandstone cliffs with a height of 30-50 m, forming a natural gateway to the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park. The Lwóweckie Rocks are right on the exit road towards Jelenia Góra. From the observation deck you can admire the Sudeten foothills and the winding Bóbr River.

climbing in Lower Silesia