Boleslawiec ranks among the most scenic towns of the Lower Silesia region.

It is important as a dynamic centre for industry and local services. Although the town is welcoming all year round, the best time to pay a visit is at the end of May during the Festival of Boleslawiec. This incorporates a number of concerts, cabarets, exhibitions as well as sports events. In addition, Boleslawiec prides itself on its handmade pottery. 

The focal point of Boleslawiec is the Old Town, where you can find rows of ancient tenements built in both the Baroque and Renaissance styles. Visitors interested in architecture will certainly wish to see the Town Hall which was reconstructed in 1522 after it was severely damaged. It later underwent numerous alterations and its present form dates from 1776.

Another building worthy of mention is the 15th century Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, decorated with Baroque sculptures. The interior of the church follows the design of Italian-born painter and sculptor Giulio Simonetti. Since time immemorial, Boleslawiec has produced its famous handmade pottery, decorated employing a special hand-stamping technique. Each ceramic vessel is made with the white clay unique to this area and embellished with lead-free glazes. The Boleslawiec Ceramic Holiday takes place during the second to last weekend of August, organised for the purpose of presenting and selling ceramic merchandise and building materials at the city marketplace. It includes a range of events, such as ceramic and sculpture workshops organized by the Union of Polish Artists. Stores selling these lovely ceramics can be found everywhere, and you are bound to find the one dish that suits your fancy. What makes pottery from Boleslawiec unique is that it is produced by people who put passion and enthusiasm into their work.