Warm air from the Karkonosze drifts through the valley of Jelenia Góra and is driven upwards by the ridge of the Kaczawa Mountains.

These warm currents are used by gliders from around the world, breaking successive height records. The lay of the land and atmospheric conditions also benefit hang-gliders, who flock to Góra Szybowcowa (the Gliders’Mountain) situated on the edge of the Jelenia Góra Valley facing the Karkonosze. Paragliding enthusiasts meanwhile have taken a particular liking to Mt. Czolo above Kowary as well as Kopa and Szrenica in the Karkonosze.

It is easy to see them on these two peaks on sunny March days. On the slopes of the Stone Mountains and Walbrzych Mountains, the unique micro-climate of Mt. Szybowisko above Nowe Siodlo near Mieroszów, allows for many hours of air time. The Walbrzych Region Aeroclub looks after Szybowisko, and also maintains the base on Mt. Dzikowiec near Boguszów-Gorce not far from Walbrzych.

Paragliding is an important branch of tourism in the Karkonosze Mountains. They provide some of the best places in Poland to practice this sport. In the Karkonosze one has an opportunity to gain experience in almost all kinds of flying. Depending on the current conditions it is possible to:

• Fly along the main ridge, above the mountainous (1200-1600 m) terrain from the Okraj pass, over Czolo, Sniezka, Kopa, Maly and Wielki (Small and Big) Szyszak, Sniezne Kotly, Szrenica to Jakuszyce.

• Fly along the parallel hill (500-800 m) range

• Combine flying over both mentioned ranges with a heading towards the terrain that gradually changes from the hills into the regular plains.

Aeroklub Jeleniogorski, ul. Lomnicka-Lotnisko, 58-500 Jelenia Gora, 

Aeroklub Wroclaw, ul. Grabiszynska 57,  53-503 Wroclaw,

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